Don “Furluge” Scherig’s Beginner Trial Results

On October 13th, 2014 Don Scherig logged his trial for Season 1 of the Old-Schooled League at ThatGameStore when he took on the four challenges for the Beginner round. Here’s how he did.

Player Date
Sonic &
Don "Furluge" Scherig 13OCT2014 7 Acts 13,600 113,600 9:19

Don ran out the clock on Sonic & Knuckles, running out of time right before finishing the Lava Reef Zone. He also was quite pleased to pick up Larios’ 50,000 point bonus in Star Force but he lost control of the game shortly after the Alpha target. Legend of Zelda was finished in a solid 9 minutes and 19 seconds. His worst performance of the night would be Ms. Pac-Man, as he professes to really dislike the game, making it difficult for him to put the practice time in for it.

Don and Abe Next Up in Old-Schooled Season 1

Abraham ForosanThe dates have been set for October’s events in Season 1 of the Old-Schooled league. Don will be facing the challenge on Monday 13Sep2014 at 6pm and Abe will be giving it his all Sunday 26Sep2014 at 3pm. Don is of course the league commissioner and he’s been practicing. Abe is an Old-Schooled league veteran and has participated in more Old-Schooled events than anyone else. He came in first on the lost 21st tournament after the Herzog Zwei debacle,  he came in 2nd place on the 12th tournament, and 6th tournament, the first tournament to use a two-round structure and he was the first to face off against Evan in a final round. He is also the only current League player to have survived the dreaded Shaq-Fu challenge from the 4th tournament. He’s been around for most of the firsts of Old-Schooled, so it’s only fitting this veteran is here for the first season of the league!

Good luck to both of you this month. You can come see these events live at That Game Store in person or watch them on at Furluge’s and That Game Store’s channels!

Tramell “GeneralRoxus” Lowry’s Beginner Trial Results

On September 22nd, 2014 Tramell Lowry kicked off the Old-Schooled league at ThatGameStore when he took on the four challanges for the Beginner round of Season 1. Here’s how he did.

Player Date
Sonic &
Tramell "General Roxus" Lowry 22SEP2014 2 Acts 5,970 75,900 26:15

Tramell’s best performance of the night would be Star Force where Tramell had stated he had spent the most time practicing. His performance in Sonic & Knucles was good in Mushroom Hill Zone but sadly took a dive in the Flying Battery Zone with it’s difficulty spike. Where he had perhaps the most difficulty was with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where it was his first time playing the game, leading to a lot of time spent learning the way the game played instead of advancing along at full speed. Next month we have Don “Furluge” Scherig and Abraham Forosan scheduled to take on the Beginner round where they’ll see if they can’t beat Tramell’s scores.

The Old-Schooled League Season 1 Has Begun

After a long Hiatus I am proud to announce that Old-Schooled is once again returning in the form of the Old-Schooled league. The Old-Schooled section of the site has been completely revamped including the new League Standings page with a list of all the current players in the league, the challenges they will be facing, and what their performance was after their trials. I would like to thank everyone who has signed up and I hope you we’ll get even more signups now that the league has started. To learn more about the league head over to the Old-Schooled page.
Tramell Lowry

Tramell Lowry First Player to Accept the Challenge

For the very first trial we have Adam Vigilante scheduled for 22Sep2014. Tramell can currently be seen running most of the tournaments at ThatGameStore and on his youtube channel FightGameBros. Does Tramell have the retro gaming mettle to make it to the Expert round? Tune in to September 22nd at 6PM to find out.

Awesomenauts 100+ Followers Celebration & Replays

gnaw_murder_by_esai2005-d7etazrFor those of you who have been watching my channel know, the channel has recently reached the 100 follower milestone! And to celebrate the occasion I’m organizing a small giveaway for everyone who’s loyally been watching the channel everyday. So here’s how it works.

1) Watch a broadcast on my channel from May 18th to May 23

2) During each broadcast on my channel at a random time in the middle of the show I’ll take down the names of everyone on the viewer list who is a follower.

3) These names will be put into a drawing for a giveaway on May 23rd during Awesomenauts after Dark.

4) There will be five prizes given away on May 23rd, an Awesomenauts skin from the Steam store of the viewer’s choice.

5) One prize maximum per account allowed

There are five prizes of course to represent each day of the week, but it doesn’t matter which day of the week you watch to get in on the drawing. Good luck everyone.

Also, if you would like to send in replays for Awesomenauts, put them up on dropbox and send an email to with “Awesomenauts Replay” in the subject line. Replays will generally be used on friday. Also if you would be interested in broadcasting live matches for the show let me know, since spectating these is possible.

Should Good Morning Awesomenauts Start Later?

good_morning_awesomenauts_by_esai2005-d73d4h0Hi everyone, you’ve been watching Good Morning Awesomenauts right? Of course you have. Right now we start at 7A and go to 8A, more or less. Would you like the show to start a bit later? I really want to know what viewers think so please vote on the poll below and I’ll take a look at the results and make a decision.

Old-Schooled #20 Tournament Results

Tournament #20: Abaddon Returns

June 2, 2013 at HiScore Gaming Center



Name Initials
Abraham Forosan APF
Robert McLamb RVM
Josh Davis JTD
Don Scherig DVS

Qualifying Round


SMB3 World 8 (NES)

APF: 1,300
RVM: 8,500
JTD: 3,400
DVS: 7,200

Silver Surfer Magik Realm (NES)

APF: 10,000
RVM: 16,650
JTD: 18,000
DVS: 34,050

Ninja Gaiden 2 7-1 (NES)

APF: 27,300
RVM: 179,000
JTD: 36,700
DVS: 24,500

Contra Hard Corps (Genesis)

APF: 250
RVM: 90
JTD: 1,280
DVS: 1,010

Bionic Commando (NES)

Times listed are time it took to reach the second area of the first stage. Times are in Minutes:Seconds:1/100 of a Second
APF: 11:12:56
RVM: 10:36:49
JTD: 15:30:50
DVS: 2:08:52

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
16 Don Scherig DVS
14 Josh Davis JTD
11 Robert McLamb RVM
9 Abraham Forosan APF

DVS declines to continue to final round.

Final Round: JTD vs. RVM (Best 3 of 5)


Sinistar (Arcade)

JTD: 16,000
RVM: 11,515

Star Castle (Arcade)

JTD: 3,810
RVM: 1,190

Dragons Lair (Steam PC Re-release)

JTD: 13,952
RVM: 11,627

Winner: JTD

JTD, Josh Davis takes 1st place in the 20th Old-Schooled Tournament!
RVM, Robert McLamb takes 2nd place in the 20th Old-Schooled Tournament!