The Old-Schooled League Season 1 Has Begun

After a long Hiatus I am proud to announce that Old-Schooled is once again returning in the form of the Old-Schooled league. The Old-Schooled section of the site has been completely revamped including the new League Standings page with a list of all the current players in the league, the challenges they will be facing, and what their performance was after their trials. I would like to thank everyone who has signed up and I hope you we’ll get even more signups now that the league has started. To learn more about the league head over to the Old-Schooled page.
Adam Vigilante

Adam Vigilante First Player to Accept the Challenge

For the very first trial please we have Adam Vigilante scheduled for 22Sep2014. Adam’s last Old-Schooled was on September 3rd, 2011 for the 5th tournament where he took for 4th place after winning in Gunstar Heroes, Ms. Pac-Man, and Spy vs. Spy. However loses to Joshua Westra in Final Fight 3 and Silver Surfer put him into a third-placing matchup where he substituted out with David Begley to complete the last match of that tournament.  It’s been three years since then. Can Adam break past the semi-final and make it all the way to the final in the Expert round? Tune in to September 22nd at 6PM to find out.

Awesomenauts 100+ Followers Celebration & Replays

gnaw_murder_by_esai2005-d7etazrFor those of you who have been watching my channel know, the channel has recently reached the 100 follower milestone! And to celebrate the occasion I’m organizing a small giveaway for everyone who’s loyally been watching the channel everyday. So here’s how it works.

1) Watch a broadcast on my channel from May 18th to May 23

2) During each broadcast on my channel at a random time in the middle of the show I’ll take down the names of everyone on the viewer list who is a follower.

3) These names will be put into a drawing for a giveaway on May 23rd during Awesomenauts after Dark.

4) There will be five prizes given away on May 23rd, an Awesomenauts skin from the Steam store of the viewer’s choice.

5) One prize maximum per account allowed

There are five prizes of course to represent each day of the week, but it doesn’t matter which day of the week you watch to get in on the drawing. Good luck everyone.

Also, if you would like to send in replays for Awesomenauts, put them up on dropbox and send an email to with “Awesomenauts Replay” in the subject line. Replays will generally be used on friday. Also if you would be interested in broadcasting live matches for the show let me know, since spectating these is possible.

Should Good Morning Awesomenauts Start Later?

good_morning_awesomenauts_by_esai2005-d73d4h0Hi everyone, you’ve been watching Good Morning Awesomenauts right? Of course you have. Right now we start at 7A and go to 8A, more or less. Would you like the show to start a bit later? I really want to know what viewers think so please vote on the poll below and I’ll take a look at the results and make a decision.

Old-Schooled #20 Tournament Results

Tournament #20: Abaddon Returns

June 2, 2013 at HiScore Gaming Center



Name Initials
Abraham Forosan APF
Robert McLamb RVM
Josh Davis JTD
Don Scherig DVS

Qualifying Round


SMB3 World 8 (NES)

APF: 1,300
RVM: 8,500
JTD: 3,400
DVS: 7,200

Silver Surfer Magik Realm (NES)

APF: 10,000
RVM: 16,650
JTD: 18,000
DVS: 34,050

Ninja Gaiden 2 7-1 (NES)

APF: 27,300
RVM: 179,000
JTD: 36,700
DVS: 24,500

Contra Hard Corps (Genesis)

APF: 250
RVM: 90
JTD: 1,280
DVS: 1,010

Bionic Commando (NES)

Times listed are time it took to reach the second area of the first stage. Times are in Minutes:Seconds:1/100 of a Second
APF: 11:12:56
RVM: 10:36:49
JTD: 15:30:50
DVS: 2:08:52

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
16 Don Scherig DVS
14 Josh Davis JTD
11 Robert McLamb RVM
9 Abraham Forosan APF

DVS declines to continue to final round.

Final Round: JTD vs. RVM (Best 3 of 5)


Sinistar (Arcade)

JTD: 16,000
RVM: 11,515

Star Castle (Arcade)

JTD: 3,810
RVM: 1,190

Dragons Lair (Steam PC Re-release)

JTD: 13,952
RVM: 11,627

Winner: JTD

JTD, Josh Davis takes 1st place in the 20th Old-Schooled Tournament!
RVM, Robert McLamb takes 2nd place in the 20th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled #18 Tournament Results

Tournament #18: Freeplay 3

April 6, 2013 at the Chesapeake Central Library


Name Initials
Josh Davis JTD
Steven Waters SWW
Chris Andrews CLA
Derek Williams DRK
Roger Foye RPF
John Mizal JWM
Brehon Hughes BMH

Qualifying Round

Earthshaker (Pinball)

JTD: 353,930
SWW: 460,710
CLA: 547,580
DRK: 3,547,130
RPF: 1,596,040
JWM: 1,830,260
BMH: 1,264,610

Star Wars (Arcade)

JTD: 50,947
SWW: 55,607
CLA: 69,192
DRK: 109,647
RPF: 123,933
JWM: 67,849
BMH: 52,018

Congo Bongo (Arcade)

JTD: 5,680
SWW: 2,920
CLA: 3,780
DRK: 4,880
RPF: 2,350
JWM: 1,250
BMH: 4,260

Qualifying Round Results

Points Name Initials
19 Derek Williams DRK
14 Roger Foye RPF
12 Chris Andrews CLA
11 Brehon Hughes BMH
11 John Mizal JWM
9 Josh Davis JTD
8 Steven Waters SWW

Final Round: DRK vs. RPF (Best 2 of 3)

Dr. Who (Pinball)

DRK: 8,680,270
RPF: 6,491,580

Tempest (Arcade)

DRK: 24,050
RPF: 22,782

Winner: DRK

DRK, Derek Williams takes 1st place in the 18th Old-Schooled Tournament!
RPF, Roger Foye takes 2nd place in the 18th Old-Schooled Tournament!



This tournament gave out these custom t-shirts to the winners

Dust: An Elysian Tail Live Playthrough

So once again I’ve decided to do another live playthrough of a game I found on Steam. I know it’s been on Xbox for a very long time but, well, I think we can all agree that that doesn’t count. Steam’s where it matters. Tune in Tuesday – Thursday on my channel for more in the continuing saga of this beautiful side-scroller.

Farcry 3 Blood Dragon

I’ve started doing a full play through of Farcry 3 Blood Dragon on my live stream at M-F and sometimes Sunday at 8pm. Below is a playlist with an archive of all the broadcasts done so far. Remember you can always see if I’m online via the status to the right or by checking out my twitter feed.