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One late night on March 26, 2011, the very first Old-Schooled retro gaming tournament was held at Tower of Games. A single elimination tournament with six entrants, the participants tested their mettle against 25 different games assigned in blind match-ups including Ms. Pac-Man, Contra, and Tetris. Since then Old-Schooled has changed over the years but its core has remained the same: to be a venue for anyone willing to face the challenge to put their retro gaming skills to the test while having a lot of fun doing so!

Use the Old-Schooled menu on this site to navigate through the Old-Schooled areas of this site.

The Old-Schooled League

Currently Old-Schooled takes the form of a league taking place over three rounds, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Players individually schedule a trial where an official records their performance in a series of challenges for that round. How well a player does in their trial determines who advances to the next round, and ultimately who is crowned the champion for each season. It is preferred players schedule their trials on Mondays, though Sundays and other days are possible. For a full in depth synopsis of the league structure go here.

Joining the League

To officially join the league complete the following form and send it to furluge@furluge.com with the subject “Old-Schooled League Entry”.

Name (and Alias if requested): If you specify an alias your alias will be used in listings instead of your name if requested.

Phone Number: Phone numbers will not be published.

Email Address: Email addresses will not be published.

Permission to Film?: Specify if you do not wish to be filmed during live-streamed events.

Head Shot / Avatar Attached to Email:  Attach the photo or avatar to the email. Images should be at a minimum of 300 x 300 pixels in size and PNG format is preferred. Instead of a head shot an avatar or caricature can be used to represent you. Headshots will be used on stream and on the leaderboards on this site.

Old-Schooled Videos

There are a lot of videos related to Old-Schooled. Old-Schooled events are livestreamed when possible to Furluge’s twitch.tv channel or to ThatGameStore’s twitch.tv channel.

In addition over the years various promotions, video archives, and people trying their hand at games have been put together and uploaded to youtube, and you can see it all in the player below.

Host Store

Old-Schooled is currently held at That Game Store

5278 Fairfield Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone (757) 995-2590

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