Old-Schooled #16 Tournament Results

Tournament #16: Clash of the Titans

Feburary 3, 2013 at HiScore



Name Initials
Evan Small EAS
Elizabeth Carpona LIZ
Nick Skogstad NCS
Sebastien Veland SNV
Josh Davis JTD
Abraham Forosan APF

Qualifying Round


Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

EAS: 35,920
LIZ: 4,000
NCS: 37,750
SNV: 24,520
JTD: 32,410
APF: 21,160

R-Type (Arcade)

EAS: 49,800
LIZ: 16,000
NCS: 54,000
SNV: 21,600
JTD: 35,600
APF: 28,900

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade)

EAS: 19
LIZ: 10
NCS: 12
SNV: 6
JTD: 17
APF: 7

Dig Dug 2 (NES)

EAS: 49,800
LIZ: 800
NCS: 41,900
SNV: 4,900
JTD: 35,600
APF: 28,900

Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)

EAS: 3 Wins
LIZ: 3 Losses, TB1 Loss
NCS: 2 Wins, 1 Loss, TB1 Win, TB2 Loss
SNV: 3 Losses, TB1 Win
JTD: 2 Wins, 1 Loss, TB1 Loss
APF: 2 Wins, 1 Loss, TB1 Win, TB2 Win

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
26 Evan Small EAS
26 Nick Skogstad NCS
19 Josh Davis JTD
17 Abraham Forosan APF
10 Sebastien Veland SNV
7 Elizabeth Carpona LIZ

Final Round: EAS vs. NCS (Best 3 of 5)


Wild Guns (SNES)

EAS: 24,920
NCS: 32,030

Super Mario Kart (SNES)

EAS: 2 Wins, 1 Loss
NCS: 1 Win, 2 Losses

Hagane (SNES)

EAS: 29,220
NCS: 24,440

Super Mario World (SNES)

EAS: 186,630
NCS: 190,940

Pocky and Rocky (SNES)

EAS: 23,250
NCS: 48,390

Winner: NCS

NCS, Nick Skogtad, takes 1st place in the 16th Old-Schooled Tournament!
EAS, Evan Small, takes 2nd place in the 16th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled #16 Preshow & New Venue Announcement

Livestream Event StillOld-Schooled has bid a fond farewell to Tower of Games and moved things over to HiScore Gaming Center in Chesapeake. Although we’ve had a lot of fun times at Tower of Games, with the end of their cybercafe it was time to move things elsewhere. HiScore is a gaming-centric cyber cafe that does a series of tournaments and lock-ins in the area and they’ve been kind enough to let us use their facilities for the tournament. With a new venue comes a few changes. First of all all prizes will now be in cash. Second, because we’re doing cash prizes the tournament will be $7 entry, or $7.50 if paid by credit card. $5 of every entry fee goes straight into the pot for the tournament winner, which will still be split 60/40 between first and second place.

Qualifying Round Games

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

Dig Dug II (NES)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)

R-Type (Arcade)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (NES)

Naturally a new Old-Schooled means a new Preshow, and that was broadcast earlier today. Check back next week for another installment of more Retro Gaming Fun.

Full Broadcast

2013/01/20 – Old-Schooled #16 Preshow #1


Dug Dug II & Intro

We’re Moving to HiScore Gaming
Round 5
This could be the rest of the stream folks!
Tell me what you see

Super Mario Bros 3

My Death was Shittier than Yours!
A Better Water World
Hammer Bros. are Unfair
Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle!
I Want to Make Fun of your Method