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With so much of my personal site devoted to Old-Schooled it seemed like it was finally time to move everything over to a new site. All the posts and pages that were here about Old-Schooled have been transitioned over to a new domain where they can live and hopefully be easier for everyone to access and find. If you’d like to see the new site visit oldschooled.org.

Old-Schooled #14 Tournament Results

Tournament #14: This is Halloween

October 21, 2012 at Tower of Games


Name Initials
Abraham Forosan APF
Patrick Corpin PJC
Tim Gent TDG
Don Scherig DVS

Qualifying Round

Splatterhouse (Arcade)

APF: 21,400
PJC: 4,400
TDG: 21,000
DVS: 25,300

Ghouls and Ghosts (Arcade)

APF: 2,300
PJC: 4,300
TDG: 15,500
DVS: 17,100

Zombies ate my Neighboors (SNES)

APF: 20,030
PJC: 15,120
TDG: 24,000
DVS: 14,770

Castelvania (NES)

APF: 11,300
PJC: 9,000
TDG: 17,150
DVS: 22,340

Vampire Savior 2 (Arcade)

APF: 2 Wins
PJC: 2 Losses
TDG: 1 Win, 1 Loss | TB #1 Loss
DVS: 1 Win, 1 Loss | TB #1 Win

Qualifying Round Results

Points Name Initials
17 Don Scherig DVS
14 Tim Gent TDG
13 Abraham Forosan APF
6 Patrick Corpin PJC

Final Round: DVS vs. TDG (Best 3 of 5)

Decap Attack (Genesis)

DVS: Stage 2-1 Reached
TDG: Stage 1-2 Reached

Super Castlevania IV (SNES)

DVS: 16,980
TDG: 20,740

Splatterhouse 2 (Genesis)

DVS: 32,200
TDG: 29,500

Super Ghouls and Ghosts (SNES)

DVS: 7,300
TDG: Missing, verified less than 7,300 via video

Winner: DVS

DVS takes 1st place in the 14th Old-Schooled Tournament!
TDG takes 2nd place in the 14th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled #14 Secret Game Hint #2

Old-Schooled #14 is only one week away, so to get you ready for what’s coming, here’s another hint for different secret game that waits for you in the final round.

Newly Painted Miniatures

So lately I’ve been involved in playing a lot of Battletech, the classic game of 31st century combat that is now in it’s 25th year of running. I’ve had some miniatures for this game for a while that were awfully painted which I striped the paint from and took another stab at updating them. Have a look at them and see what you think.

Marauder - 1st Chisholm's Raiders RCT

Warhammer - 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry

Wolverine - 4th Arkab Legion

Phoenix Hawk - The Crescent Hawks


The Horrible Dust Covered Optimus Prime Giveaway

Now if only Bumblebee could transform into a can of lemon Pledge

Now if only Bumblebee could transform into a can of lemon Pledge

Well a week has gone by and the poll has closed and while during the middle of the week the X-men vs. Street Fighter arcade machine interior, the Guitar Hero 1 game and guitar, and the (yuck) disgusting bunch of used socks were beginning to close the gap, they just couldn’t match the surge in votes that the Horrible Dust Covered Optimus Prime got after the poll first opened. So as my thanks for all those views, one of you “lucky” people could receive the Horrible Dust Covered Optimus Prime you see pictured to the right. Aren’t you glad you know what he looks like now?

So how can you enter to win the Horrible Dust Covered Optimus Prime? It’s very simple. All you need to do is make a comment underneath this post to enter. When you pick your email to put your comment under make sure the email you use is valid so that I can contact you if you’ve won so that I can get an address to send your Horrible Dust Covered Optimus Prime to. Remember, I’ll only guarantee to have him shipped within the United States. If you’re outside the United States you might be on your own for arranging shipping.

This contest will remain open for new entries until November 1st. Once November first has come around the winner will be randomly chosen by a random die roll, and they will be contacted. The selected winner will have three days to reply to my email, otherwise another winner will be selected. Invalid emails where delivery errors are received will be disqualified immediately. Once I have a winner who responds to the email that winner will be announced in a new blog post. Horray.

Good luck everybody. 🙂