Tower of Games Available as a Location for Trials this Season

I’m happy to announce that Old-Schooled is returning to Tower of Games. Tower of Games will an available location for players to log their trials this Season in addition to my studio. The fee for using Tower of Games as a trial location is $6.

Tower of Games
5405 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: (757) 420-8008

Old-Schooled League Season 2 Sign-Ups Now Open

After a long hiatus were are now ready to start signups for another season of the Old-Schooled League. With a new season comes changes and updates to the format so head on over to the rules and format page to get a heads up everything that will be new to this season. If you’re ready to join follow the instructions on how to join and send me an email with the needed information. I’m looking to get a minimum of 8 players before we begin the final round. I’ll announce more about start times once we’ve got enough sign-ups.

Missed the last season? Here’s the finale from last season.

(It looks like is having issues with so you can click here to view the video.)

Old-Schooled Season 1 Expert Round Finished

With the intermediate round over the final showdown between the top two players has taken place in the expert round in a best three our of five challenges. The results are in and here they are. Thank you very much for everyone who played this season and we’ll be looking at creating a great experience for next season.


Player Date
Bomberman 2
Machines 2
Don 17OCT2015 20,800 Win Lose Win
Nick 17OCT2015 12,000 Lose Win Lose

Season 1 Champion

Don "Furluge" Scherig

Old-Schooled Season 1 Intermediate Round Roundup

With the last result tallied the Intermediate round of Season 1 comes to a close. Nick Skogstad and Don Scherig will be facing off in the expert round. Good luck.


Nick 30 9 3 9 9 No
Don 27 6 9 6 6 No
Marcus McBride 15 3 6 3 3 Yes
Sebastien 0 0 0 0 0 Yes
Josh Forfeit