Paragonian Knights Signature Designs

As some of you may not know, I have a bit of an artistic side. Hours whiled away drawing in my free time have more recently transitioned over to doing a little bit of graphic design here and there. Not too long ago I did a new signature for my guild the Paragonian Knights in the game City of Heroes. I call the signature design “Hologram” and here are a few examples of that design for your viewing pleasure.







Commissioned Art from John Becaro

John Becaro is as great comic book artists from the Philippines who can be found at deviant art and does some amazing commissions with a very fast turnaround time. Back in May I commissioned four pieces of art from him, and with the last one complete I’ve decided to share them all here for all of you. If you like the art please let John know on his Deviantart account by clicking on the relevant title link to goto the deviantart posting for the piece.

Kali Erinyes Apollinaris
Kali Erinyes Apollinaris
Zincarla Fencer vs. Kali
Zincarla FencervsKali