Paragonian Knights Signature Designs

As some of you may not know, I have a bit of an artistic side. Hours whiled away drawing in my free time have more recently transitioned over to doing a little bit of graphic design here and there. Not too long ago I did a new signature for my guild the Paragonian Knights in the game City of Heroes. I call the signature design “Hologram” and here are a few examples of that design for your viewing pleasure.







The Paragonian Knights Invade Outbreak

What do the Paragonian Knights of Virtue server do when they realize they can sneak their high levels back into Outbreak? Invade it of course. (And /bug it. Definitely /bug it.) Here’s a compilation of footage taken from our fun rampage through outbreak. All Graes were impersonated. No Grae hair was harmed in the filming of this production.

Two music tracks are used in the film. “Wall-E” from the “Wall-E” soundtrack and “Short Hair”, a piece of production music used in every episode of Megas XLR.