Apollinaris Goes to 50

This is one of the very first videos I ever created. It was even done before my Insects Infestation video, and for the longest time just simply wasn’t up on youtube. Eventually it did find it’s way to Youtube for all of you to enjoy. This video shows my first City of Heroes character going from levels 1 through 50 put to “Charging the Megabuster” by Spirtual Tazer. Video footage is from Issues 3 to 4 of city of heroes, placing date of the footage in the year 2005. As a special treat this video is filled with annotation which identify where and when the footage took place. It should be a trip down memory lane for anyone who enjoys City of Heroes, as it harkens back to a day before Jackets, before body sliders, before ED, before Villains, before a whole lot of things. But not before capes and Kheldians. Definitely not before then.


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