Eureka has More Red Shirts than a JCPenny

The Eureka Deathrow -er Cast.

The Eureka Death Row-er cast.

Eureka has got to be one of my favorite shows on TV. It’s not a crappy law show, it’s not another law and order rip off, and it’s not another boring medical drama. It’s something different, and it has a nice light-hearted tone to it with plenty of interesting character development going on between the episodes, but something’s been bothering me for a while now. For being a mostly comedic and light hearted show people sure do die a lot in that show. I mean they don’t get through a single episode without killing off some random guy, and usually they average about 3-5. And the people that are dying in the show aren’t just these joe-schmoe enlisted guys like some other shows, no these are supposed to scientists who are so amazingly good at what they do they need to be moved to a top-secret Andy Griffith copy town so they can do their super-secret science stuff. And yet it seems they can barely manage to not melt themselves with projects they themselves are uberexperts about. I mean do you think Bill Gates is in deadly peril each day of melting his brain with his super-ultra-alpha copy of Windows 8? But yet the good super scientists of Eureka spend each day proving Darwin correct by melting themselves with super abraxo, drinking cups of magical drowning water, and erasing themselves from existence on a regular basis. What in the world is up with that?

And do you know what makes it so annoying? None of these super geniuses is capable of noticing things like, “Hey the magical super-expanding water is coming out of the dead people, so it’s related!” without the Andy Griffith Sherif, Jack Carter, to point out the bloody obvious to them. Apparently when you become a super genius you lose important survival skills, like not running with scissors, not lighting yourself on fire, and not repeating things you see on TV with “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” written on it. It’s so bad that one episode they build a robot to replace Jack and the robot is completely unable to compute just how dumb the things these people would try are and needs Jack to walk him through the tide of scientists trying to blow up the earth for shits and giggles. Maybe they think the earth’s core is filled with candy or something like some kind 0f dirty pinata.

Now don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy this show. But the show’s writers are really asking me to swallow a lot of stupid stuff to make the show’s concept work. And I’m ok with that if the ride’s great. And the Eureka ride is great, I just wish they wouldn’t keep super-size my helping of fried disbelief each week.


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