How Not to Respond to Good News

Statistics in graph may be smaller than they appear

Statistics in graph may be smaller than they appear

If for some reason you should goto dinner, especially if it was good and way too expensive for your income, and you should come back and your usage stats have magically gone up, as if shoe-making elves started working for Google, first do not panic. Above all else do not do a happy dance, as it will undoubtedly find its way onto Youtube. Do not proceed to then IM your friends and tell them how your (meager) traffic numbers have spiked all of a sudden, and most certainly do not post or blog about it, thus preserving evidence forever on the internet of yourself being a complete spaz. And finally, do not under any circumstances take a screenshot of your usage stats graph and write “w00t w00t” upon on it.  Especially not in red, crimson, scarlet, or any other shade thereof. Failure to heed these most dire warnings could lead to such unfortunate consequences as eternal ridicule, banishment from dance floors, or being forced to listen to stories about your friend’s cat. You have been warned.

(Thanks for all the views guys. It made my day.)


One thought on “How Not to Respond to Good News

  1. Some of you might be interested to know that as of now, only four hours into 9/19/09, the views have already crushed yesterdays highest total for views. It’s about 20 views from doubling yesterday’s total. I’m totally flabbergasted at this result. 😀

    Addendum: And now those 20 views have been met and exceeded. All of you smashed the little peaks and valleys on my graph. XD It’s now a bumpy line with a giant / at the end of it. Keep doing it, maybe you can iron out all the bumps in the line at this rate.

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