Furluge On Consoles

Video game consoles have been online since as far back as the SNES and Genesis with XBAND. I was on XBAND. The Dreamcast had some of the best online gaming capability from any console, with great support, decent game support, and an easy to get keyboard and mouse, and cross-platform support for games like Quake 3, all without charging for an update service. The  PS2 tried to copy the Dreamcast’s lead, many years too late, and fumbled and PS3 seems too but good luck finding someone actually owns the darned thing. The Xbox and Xbox 360 have surpassed it but only by putting a premium fee on basic functionality, though they are slowly adding actually services to Xbox Live rather than rental fee for the ethernet connection you bought with the console.

But all of that is really besides the point. The gist of it is, I’m on consoles, and I’m online, and if you want to find me out there, read on true believers. 🙂

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