Furluge on Nintendo Wii

FurlugemiiYou can find me occasionally on the Wii system. Why not more often? Have you ever tried to find anyone on the Wii before? It’s nigh impossible to find anyone on the Wii? Why? Friend codes. Friend codes are quite possibly the worst invention to strike the information age since the code wheel. If you can ever manage to do it just stay as far away from these things as you can. If, unfortunately, you are like me and actually like to use the Wii to actually go online, a process Nintendo is quite determined to con you into thinking is bad by making the experience as horrible as they can possibly manage to make it. If I ever find out who made friend codes I’m going to make a voodoo doll of him and drive a nail through it for every digit of a friend code I ever have to put in.

Unfortunately though, friend codes aren’t going away. So in the interests of santiy, here are my friend codes.

Game Code
Wii 6466-8398-2869-6645
Monster Hunter Tri Online ID: 3KDBQZ
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1633-3858-7959
Mario Kart Wii 1418-7136-0820
Guitar Hero 3 2535-1903-2533
Metroid Prime 3 Uses Wii Code for exchanges
Battalion Wars 2 227-749-401-163
Mario Strikers Charged 399542-398000
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree Uses Wii Code for exchanges

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