Redoubt Operations


(Note: Since City of Heroes has been shut down, the mission arc is no longer available. Only articles and backstory stored outside of the City of Heroes servers still remain. Expect broken links here.)

Redoubt Operations was a dramatic team-oriented mission arc series in the City of Heroes massively multiplayer online game following the exploits of Redoubt and their nemesis, the Mechanius Imperium. These two original organizations, set firmly within the City of Heroes universe, are both comprised of robots and androids of all types, but have startlingly different philosophies that set them against each other. Which one will be victorious and influence the minds of machine-kind for generations to come, and which will be lost and forgotten, a passing fad of their race’s infancy? Only time will tell.

This arc series aimed to provide an interesting storyline that is fun to play through as well as read, to provide players as much fiction as they are willing to read while still keeping the basic plot points succinct enough for even a casual player to be able to follow along, and to always keep the player the main focus of the events in the missions while still expanding on the overall story line.

To accomplish this task the Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe was used extensively to provide information about the different characters involved in the story, form the biggest character to the littlest. Information on the arc series itself is posted there, as well as pages on Redoubt, The Mechanius Imperium, their leaders, their solders, and any other characters or organizations involved.

However to enjoy this arc series reading none of this background information is required. The bare minimum of information in each arc is provided in the enter and exit popups of each mission. More fiction is then provided in conversations with the contact, clues, and dialogue in the missions.

This project page mirrors information listed on the official forums feedback thread for the arc series and serves as an archive for this information. Comments about the arc series should be left on the official forums if possible, as it allows more focused discussion with the City of Heroes community, but feel free to leave comments on this page or related posts in the Redoubt Operations series as well.


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