Cox Cable’s Epic Fail

You can't make this stuff up

You can't make this stuff up

For a little background, I’ve been a Cox Cable subscriber for a long time. I’ve had their cable internet service since around 1999 or so. And on the whole I’ve been largely happy with it, but as time goes on the email service I get from them seems to continually get crappier and crappier and crappier when I compare it to the great golden emailing calf that is Google’s Gmail.

Before this incident occurred I’ve had the feeling that some of my emails have just been going into the ether, just plain disappearing. Usually they’re things like verifying accounts for services, like, WordPress. Or Gmail. In response I checked the spam filter settings on my account. You see Cox filters emails before they even hit your email client and by default they delete anything that their filters decide is spam. You can’t turn this feature off, but you can change it so instead of deleting the messages it will put a big — SPAM — in the subject line so you can let your email client filter it. Since I thought my emails were mistakenly being deleted I decided to turn on this option and no whatever Cox thinks is spam gets a great big — SPAM — in the subject line in my inbox.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my mailbox just now and saw the picture above in my mailbox. That’s right. Cox marked their own newsletter as spam. While I appreciate Cox’s honesty about the content of their newsletters, I have to ask my self just how badly you have to mess up when you neglect to make your own spam filter not mark your own messages as spam. Remember, if I hadn’t changed my spam filter settings this message would have been deleted before I could even download it in Outlook. No Spam folder, no logs to check, just gone. Brilliant.

Oh yeah. Some of my messages still dissapear into the ether of the information superhighway even after I changed my spam filter settings. Gotta love it.