Redoubt Operations #1: Fires Over Kalago

Redoubt-Operations-1-Fires-over-Kalago-Logo-PosterStory Description: The recent discovery of impervium deposits has sparked unrest in the small country of Kalago in southern Africa. When tensions escalate, Redoubt requests assistance from heroes to keep the peace. Little does anyone know, the chaos is about to attract an even bigger threat.
Story Arc ID: 1297
Author’s Global Chat Handle: @Andromeda
Length: Very Long (4 missions)
Level Range: 20-35
Mission Status: Final
Alignment: Heroic

Designer Notes: Redoubt Operations is a dramatic team-oriented mission arc series following the exploits of Redoubt and their nemesis, the Mechanius Imperium. These two original organizations, set firmly within the City of Heroes universe, are both comprised of robots and androids of all types, but have startlingly different philosophies that set them against each other. Which one will be victorious and influence the minds of machinekind for generations to come, and which will be lost and forgotten, a passing fad of their race’s infancy? Only time will tell.

This arc series aims to provide an interesting storyline that is fun to play through as well as read, to provide players as much fiction as they are willing to read while still keeping the basic plot points succinct enough for even a casual player to be able to follow along, and to always keep the player the main focus of the events in the missions while still expanding on the overall story line.

To accomplish this task the Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe is used extensively to provide information about the different characters involved in the story, form the biggest character to the littlest. Information on the arc series itself is posted there, as well as pages on Redoubt, The Mechanius Imperium, their leaders, their solders, and any other characters or organizations involved.

However, to enjoy this arc series, reading none of this background information is required. The bare minimum of information in each arc is provided in the enter and exit popups of each mission. More fiction is then provided in conversations with the contact, clues, and dialogue in the missions.

Players will face a series of four different missions in their quest to return peace to the country of Kalago. Along the way they’ll accomplish such tasks as rescuing the abducted Prime Minister, rescuing civilians caught in the middle of a Sky Raider and Mechanius Imperium warzone, repelling an Imperium sneak attack, and finally riding the region of Mechanius forces. The arc contains one Elite Boss and one Arch-villain.

In-Game Keywords: Ideal for Teams, Custom Characters, Drama


The Paragonian Knights Invade Outbreak

What do the Paragonian Knights of Virtue server do when they realize they can sneak their high levels back into Outbreak? Invade it of course. (And /bug it. Definitely /bug it.) Here’s a compilation of footage taken from our fun rampage through outbreak. All Graes were impersonated. No Grae hair was harmed in the filming of this production.

Two music tracks are used in the film. “Wall-E” from the “Wall-E” soundtrack and “Short Hair”, a piece of production music used in every episode of Megas XLR.


Apollinaris Goes to 50

This is one of the very first videos I ever created. It was even done before my Insects Infestation video, and for the longest time just simply wasn’t up on youtube. Eventually it did find it’s way to Youtube for all of you to enjoy. This video shows my first City of Heroes character going from levels 1 through 50 put to “Charging the Megabuster” by Spirtual Tazer. Video footage is from Issues 3 to 4 of city of heroes, placing date of the footage in the year 2005. As a special treat this video is filled with annotation which identify where and when the footage took place. It should be a trip down memory lane for anyone who enjoys City of Heroes, as it harkens back to a day before Jackets, before body sliders, before ED, before Villains, before a whole lot of things. But not before capes and Kheldians. Definitely not before then.